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The price for data recovery is individual and is conditioned upon the agreement according to the commercial code, section 526. The method of establishing of prices relates to the degree of complexity and labour consumption of given order (to the time needed for data recovery). The price also reflects the expenditures for spares (hardware breakdowns). We will supply you with more information on your request, accordingly to the concrete case.

Payment for executed services is in cash, on delivery (via post) or by bank transfer (after consultation).

Prices usually range between:

  • from 1000 CZK (small medium)
  • from 5000 CZK (easy cases – hard disks)
  • from 10000 CZK (difficult cases – hard disks, disk fields)


  • Basic – Free (only postage )
  • Extended – 1000 Kc and more (depends on difficulty)

All prices are exclusive of VAT (that makes 21% for this service).