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When you discover that your hard disk drive or other data device does not work properly and that the access to your data is limited or none, we strongly recommend following procedure:

  • You should in no case try to save your data by yourself or by means of your „friends or acquaintances“. Switch your hard disk drive (or other medium) off and do not try to find out what is the matter by switching it on again (not even for a short moment). There are certain cases when another start-up decides whether it will be possible to save your data or not. That goes both for hardware (both mechanical and electrical) and software breakdowns (irrevertible rewriting of your data).
  • Entrust us with the recovery of your data. We are entirely familiar with the recovery data services and we will approach your case and its solution in professional way.
  • Please, note down the last known information about your hard disk (both hardware and software), i.e. the structure of directories and the number of logical disks, whether you used manager or stacker, if possible the parameters in the set-up of your computer. The same holds for server disks (it is good to know the password for supervisor, the administrator, number and names of volume and logical disks).
  • This information can be of great usage and it will facilitate the recovery of your data.